A Complete Currency Guide To Hustle Castle- How To Earn More?


Lots of battle and creating empire games are out there, Hustle Castle is one of them. The game is developed by My. Com B.V, available on Android and iOS devices. One doesn’t need to pay any cent to download the game as it is entirely free. Various tasks, challenges, quests are added in competition to offer unlimited fun for game lovers. One can easily use his/her spare time to enjoy the game besides developing mental skills. No chance that one gets bored by completing the tasks as when the level increases the hardness also increases. You need to train the troops for fighting with different rivals.

Everyone knows each game contains some virtual currency for performing every single task. Hustle castle also contains some currency to perform the tasks. In simple words, if you need to run the game smoothly without facing the issues, then you should go for collecting currency in sufficient amount. Here, we are going to discuss the currencies used in play and how to earn it quickly.


Diamonds are considered as the premium currency of the game from which superior tasks can be performed. Functions like- upgrading items, rooms, a castle in addition to buying the items. In other words, if you need to enhance the skills, abilities, there is a requirement of diamonds. It’s hard to collect the diamonds but it’s not impossible for any user. We suggest you to explore these hustle castle diamonds hack and cheats to get diamonds easily.


Coins are considered as the primary currency of the game from which general tasks can be performed. Like it can be used to purchase weapons, unlocking the activities, upgrading the gears, also much more. Collecting coins in sufficient amount increases the chances of winning, so try to obtain it more.

How to earn diamonds and coins?

  • Complete the quests

Mainly, two kinds of quests are available in the game, i.e., daily and storyline quests. Each quest will offer you different rewards to earn. Don’t miss up the quests if there is need to obtain game currency more. Sometimes it provides more diamonds at a single time along with upgrading the items.

  • Missions and orders

Try to complete various missions like defeating the rivals for earning extra bonus. Lots of challenging missions you’ll find in the game to complete. Don’t waste your time to complete unnecessary task as compulsory missions are waiting for you. With completing the missions wisely permits a player to earn coins and diamonds in a more significant amount.

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  • Power up the army

Powering up the trainees will allow you to get extra coins without wasting much effort. All you need to do is just train the troops in a training room with powerful equipment’s. With that, a gamer can win more fights also can earn the currencies. It is recommended for each user to spend much time on training besides developing the kingdom.

  • Watch free advertisements

Sometimes, this option gets annoying for many users, but it also contains some exclusive rewards. Yes, it is right that one needs to wait for the play while watching free advertisements. It offers a specific number of diamonds for free.