Cheats And Tricks To Earn Currency In My Story: Choose Your Own Path Game!

No doubt, to run any game smoothly, there is the use of various currencies. Like in the same My Story: Choose Your Own Path Game, a person needs to earn more diamonds and tickets for performing every single task.

Each player gets a character to which they need to dress up and improve the personality for completing every task.  Lots of ways are there from which a user can earn more currency.

But have you ever tried the effective ways to play the game smoothly? No, then try to focus on game instruction and experts’ ideas to run it.

Don’t forget the tutorial part

Playing the tutorial part helps a user to get aware of game instructions and various features. In simple words, we can say that it permits all the users to learn how to play the game and how to choose one answer.

In starting every player needs to select the character and need to choose the story place/kind.

After that, each player gets various choices through questions which he/she needs to answer. Also, we can say that it permits them to predict what is going to be next.

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Diamonds and tickets

To earn the diamonds and cards, one needs to perform the right tasks in a single story or need to pass the level. It helps them to buy various material for their characters and to play dating stories.

Also, there are many ways from which one can earn diamonds and tickets are: –

  • Collect daily rewards
  • Watch free ads
  • Choosing a rare story
  • Extra bonus points
  • More EXP’s
  • Earning achievements
  • Clearing regular tasks, etc.

Other than these methods, there is another online myth called my story choose your own path hack tool which is said to give you free diamonds. Well, it is not clear about its authenticity yet.

One needs to try these tasks carefully as one mistake can take into a profound loss. To perform dating stories tasks, one can earn more tickets. Keep focusing on the choices and create a fantastic story.