Defeat The Enemies In Call Of Duty Mobile


Playing with friends is always a memorable moment and in mobile games, and this thing is getting so much better. In the mobile games, there are so many games that allow the friends to play along, and Activision publishing recently launched Call of Duty Mobile.

The developers and publishers of Call of Duty Mobile made Call of Duty Mobile a perfect action game where players can easily play with friends, and joining with them is way too comfortable in play.

The popularity is already so immense, but after releasing COD in mobile games, it gained a vast number of players around the world.

Play with friends

The server of Call of Duty Mobile is vast and wide, and it helps a lot to players to connect easily without facing any kind of glitch in the game. In Call of Duty Mobile, many types of playing category available and these are –

  • Solo
  • Duo
  • Squad

Among all these categories, the majorities of players prefer to play with friends and join in squad matches. In the squad match, four players can join and can play together.

In the squad matches, there are many benefits, and one of them is that that they can revive you if you are going to die.

Apart from it, you can make strategies and win matches, and many more things squad players can do in a match. Like earning more cod points with friends rather than playing solo. Here you have to know how to earn cod points more in order to upgrade your gear as well as weapons in the game.

Add your friends

Adding friends in Call of Duty Mobile is easy because players just have to put their name on the adding icon or just connect the game on social media accounts to add players from there.

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Popular games have little different, and their way of playing and adding friends is easier from others. Everything has a reason, and there are so many reasons that players love to play Call of Duty Mobile.

Make a good squad

It doesn’t matter with whom you are playing, just stick to your squad and play them as a team. Having a good and trusty squad has many benefits, those only good players understand.

The majority of players play with friends because they are the ones who easily understand the strategy, and you can also rely on them in any condition.

So make a proper squad to kill the opponent squad and then be a winner of the game. You can add friends from your social media friends and play with them because they could be a good and experienced player.

Make a perfect squad strategy

Strategy matters a lot, and why you are playing with friends, you have to make a more accurate and wide strategy because the enemy will also have their squad that will engage.

There are four players in the squad, and they all can do different works as a squad like providing cover, reviving, engaging on the enemy.

Every squad has some expert player who controls the squad and makes strategy, and you can be the one if you properly play Call of Duty Mobile.