Monster Legends Beginner’s Guide for Game Play – Mobile Game!

Monster Legends Beginners Guide and Tricks

Monster Legends is a kind of multiplayer battle game introduced for both iOS and Android devices. Tons of battle missions, levels, and exciting tasks are added in the game, which helps users to explore endless fun.

Every player needs to fight with different opponents, monsters to pass the level beside to earn rewards. Don’t panic; there is no need to pay real cash for playing the game as it is entirely free available.

Create a mighty army

You need to create a mighty army enough to win every fight without getting more stressed about losing.  With the help of advanced training and weapons, players can make their army stronger.

Also, there is a need to create an island where you can train the military as well as perform different tasks. The main island is the player’s base to feed, grow, create, and train the army correctly.

Also, by supplying more food and collecting monster attacks helps you to win the fights.

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Space matters

When players go to create a beautiful island, they find lots of junk in it also need to face space issues. To get more space, they need to save gems, gold that helps to clean all junk.

Doing this task early on helps you to save more in-game currency and to use it on essential duties without facing more issues.

In-game currencies

If you need to progress in-game faster than you should collect all currencies in a more massive amount.

Managing in-game currency permit users to perform all tasks smoothly, buy different items, and playing the game like a pro. There are three kinds of currencies used in Monster Legends game namely-

  • Gems
  • Gold
  • Food

Gems are considered as the premium currency of the game from which superior tasks can be performed. Maintaining gems in right amount permit players to buy upgrades of monster skills beside ages to make them stronger always.

As it is a premium currency, it’s hard for the users to earn it but don’t panic. Such game tasks and in-app purchases options are available in game to earn gems. You can even hunt for new and updated monster legends cheats that are legit from sources like this.

If we talk about food, then every user needs to maintain it in the right amount. Feeding more food to army make them stronger to win every fight, so don’t forget to keep it. Collecting more eggs from gems and gold allows you to buy food.

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Gold is the primary currency of Monster Legends, which can be earned through completing various tasks. Gold can be used to purchase necessary items, skills, weapons, and other essential items.

Unlock achievements

Complete various tasks that are available in the game from which you can grab more advantages. Unlocking achievements can help gamers to earn more gems. Also, with the help of milestones and EXP’s, you are able to unlock rare kinds of achievements.

So we can easily conclude that following master tips may help users to play smoothly and enjoy every moment of the game with reducing mental stress.