Things You Should Not Do in Plant Vs Zombies 2

Things You Should Not Do in Plants Vs Zombies Game

Hope now you are love to playing Bigfish developed new game Plant Vs Zombies 2. But here we come with a list of mistake you should not do in the game.

Use Sun-shroom

Do not use Sunflower until you’ve unlocked Sun-shroom. Twin Sunflower does produce a bit more Sun (100) than a maxed-out shroom, but the more significant price tag and lengthier recharge times for Twin make shroom the superior unit.

Bring a Diverse Bunch

Do not engage too many plants of the same essential role. Yes, Repeater and Fire Peashooter are two powerful units, but despite their similarity, at any given level you should do well.

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Use Boosted Plants on Hard Levels

Do not ignore or lose rewards on easy grades at Zen Garden. If you don’t have seeds to spare, don’t invest where you don’t. Don’t also add gems to your plants — save them like new units for things you can’t get otherwise.

Wait Before You Attack

Don’t: destroy the initial zombies immediately. Such extra 10 or 20 seconds will help prepare your Sun for the whole phase. You don’t want to add too many plants of the same kind to a norm, as described before, but doubling defenders will help you to stop the initial zombies (most defenders have long charging time before you prepare another one).

Slow Zombies by Chilling

Do not put more than one lag, in each line. You want to frost the zombies, but others may harm them more quickly, and if added to the same zombie, many chill effects will not overlap. Specific slowing impacts, like the sticky Sap-fling projectiles, can, however, a compound with cold.

Use Melee and Shield Plants Together

Do not place melee plants on your row’s back (duh) and leave them defenceless. Do not use Snapdragon when freezing plants are in use – the flame in the near-range of Snapdragon prevents the impact of chilling. Instead of using Bonk Choy or another combat melee.

Power Ups Are Fun! Don’t Use Them

Total game-changers, kick-ass motions capable of eliminating large numbers of zombies from the playfield, are the three new power-ups featured in Plants V. Zombies 2. Do not get used to using them. Do not get used to using them.

These are roller skates, a way to quickly deal with seemingly impossible obstacles. When it comes to walking, you are screwed up to spend your whole life in roller skates.

Installing your time-displaced lawns against the coming hordes, you will learn how to spend coins rather than learning the strategies and techniques like plants vs zombies 2 hack. Coins that are exhausted and need to be refilled. Dependence is developing, and That’s bad.

It’s incredibly handy and even more tempting to punch zombies, to pull them off with your fingertips or to push them into the air and out of the screen.

Try setting limits if you have to use them you have to consider the level X number of times before you turn to a cheater. The slow trickle of gold produced by regular play must be sufficient to support a controlled habit Plant Vs. Zombie game.